Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bad Behaviour

Like most of you, I too was shocked when I saw the following images (see the YouTube video below) on the television screen, last Sunday. The behaviour of the Australian team was really really bad and uncivilised. And they were given ICC Champions trophy. Champions do no behave like this. Ricky Ponting and the Australian cricket team must apologies to Sharad Pawar for their bad beavhiour. Though I have read in the newspapers that Ricky Ponting is ready to apologise, but it seems Pawar is yet to get any apology from him and the Australian team.

Well, for the next World Cup, which is scheduled to be played in the West Indies in March/April next year, the World Cup, which Australia may win it yet again, though I hope they do not, should be kept on a dias and Ricky Ponting be told to get it from their to avoid nudging and pushing of any human.

Update : Ricky Ponting has apologised.

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