Friday, June 29, 2007

वाह वाह Mika

The Guardian reports:
Did the release of Paris Hilton from a Los Angeles jail merit the media attention it received? That question reached a critical point for one US cable news presenter when she refused to read out the lead item on a popular morning breakfast show.

"I have an apology," presenter Mika Brzezinski told the host of MSNBC's Morning Joe programme, "and that is for the lead story. I hate this story. I don't think it should be the lead."
Wah Wah Mika Brzezinski. I salute you. You did the right thing, which is very rare in today's world. How I wish Indian newsreader do the the same, at least once, when cricket appears as a lead story. Or the so-called celebrities gets married or does something, in which we may not be interested in, and it appears as a lead story.

The video of Mika doing what she thought was right is below.

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