Monday, December 10, 2007

Computer @ Home

We have now computer (Intel PC) at home. We purchased it in the last week of November, after lot of deliberations, discussionss, at home. Will it come in between children's studies, will it often crash, will it increase the electric bill etc. etc. Anyway, now that it has been installed and working all right, here are my off hand impressions of computer at home.

At office, a PC seems okay, but at home it does seems little out of place. Since I am scared of forgetting passwords, I have kept the same password, which I have for my office account. So sometime I do forget if I am at home or at office. Since we have opted for a LCD screen, and a wide one at that, movies on a DVD Disk look great, and with Creative 1.2 speakers, they sound too great. And my music collection of RD and SD sound fantastic.

I had installed Ubuntu Linux also on it, besides Windows XP and Windows Vista. I thought I will get my children get used to Linux, but so far they have not taken to it. My daughter has taken to computer, say like fish takes to water. She thinks she is a good painter, and the `Paint' programme on Vista helps her keeping that illusion. We soon plan to have internet connection too for the computer, so I may blog more, than I do now.


Rahul Basu said...

It's impossible to get kids to take to Linux..Windows is so much easier to use (yes, even easier than Ubuntu).

I have, after 15 years of using Linux, moved to an in-between option - Mac OSX. And I am wondering why I waited so long. It has all the ease (in fact even easier) of Windows without the headaches of viruses and worms. And at worst, if you are suffering withdrawal symptoms, it has the command line to fall back on - its
after all BSD UNIX and all GNU software runs on it. I moved to a Mac laptop last June and a iMac desktop in my office this June.
(I don't use a desktop at home - just the laptop).

(But I still have my old linux box by my side just for comfort, still running but I don't use it...I guess its like a security blanket. But not for long -- the sysadm is threatening to take it away to give to someone else).

Raju Bathija said...

Rahul: Thanks for your comment. My children now seems to like Ubuntu Linux more than Windows. My daughter in particular has developed special liking for SuperTux game in Linux.