Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bade Dil Waala

Dr. Mukesh Hariawala, who has performed Bypass Surgery on R.D. Burman, has this to say about great RD:

Sharique: Tell us about the humble episode following surgery on Indian music maestro R D Burman? Did it have any impact on you?

Dr Hariawala: Following Bypass Surgery at the Princess Grace Hospital , “Panchamda” as R D Burman is affectionately called invited me over for dinner and gifted a box of his personal collection of music CDs, which was a new technology in the early 1990s . I returned it embarrassingly confessing that I only owned a Cassette player.

Next day, he redelivered the same box of CDs to me accompanied with a new CD player. This gesture has had a significant impact on my fundamental belief in “Generosity“ and what it means to have a "Large Heart for Others" in this material world.

Read full text of the interview of Dr. Dr. Mukesh Hariawala.

Panchamda you were indeed Bade Dil Waala.

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