Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Arguing about arguing

Charlie Brooker, who is a columnist for The Guardian, had written a article about flags. It got posted in the Comments is Free section of the Guardian Unlimited website. Some commentators found this article funny, some ridiculous, and it wasn't long before rival posters began speculating about the size of their opponent's dicks. This article and the comments makes for very funny reading.

A follow up article to this post, which says that online debate is pointless, is also funny. Here is a extract from the article: An unfortunate few, hooked on the futile thrill of online debate, devote their lives to its cause. They roam the internet, actively seeking out viewpoints they disagree with, or squat on messageboards, whining, needling, sneering, over-analysing each new proclamation - joylessly fiddling, like unhappy gorillas doomed to pick lice from one another's fur for all eternity.

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