Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Away and back

Due to some personal reasons, which are to personal to disclose here, I have been away from blogs and all that, for about two weeks. Now it seem the reason for which I was away is half-solved. It may soon be solved fully soon.

Here is my what interesting and uninteresting happened to me during these days.

I purchased my favourite sportsman Steve Waugh's autobiography, Out of my comfort zone, as a present from myself to myself on my birthday. For quite some years now, I have been presented books to myself on my birthday, since no one else seems to be doing it :(. Anyway, the book seem quite long, about 800 pages, and it has quite interesting pictures of Steve Waugh and of the matches he has played. It would be good reading. I intend to start reading it soon.

Two more books were purchased along with the above book: Remains of the day by Kazuo Ishiguro and Amsterdam by Ian McEwan. Both are Booker prize winners. I hope they will be good read.

During the past two weeks two excellent movies Khosla ka Ghosla and Dor were released. But as I live a small city of Ulhasnagar, these movies were not released there in the first week and were released later. I could not get to see Khosla ka Ghosla, but did saw Dor last Saturday. I just loved the movie Dor. It was excellent. I will write a separate post about it. I thought Omkara will be movie of the year for me, but it seems to be it will be Dor.

Nothing much interesting happened at the home or office front. Life goes on. As a poet, I could not recall his name, has said `Din hota hai, shaam hoti hai, zindagi yuhun taamaam hoti hai' or something like that. Loose translation would be: days come and goes as does evenings, and life seems to be coming to an end. May be I am having some mid-life crises or whatever.

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