Monday, March 12, 2007

This is my diary for the weekend of March 10 - 11, 2007.

I read somewhere that mention of word Blog means people think the person will write about what he eat for breakfast. So let me tell you what I had for breakfast last Saturday: it was jawar-ke-roti, which in Sindhi we call `Dhodha'. It is really very tasty. It is made as a normal roti, but, of course, wheat flour is substituted by jawar flour, with extra oil or ghee, and green corian·der and fresh garlic added. And we had the famous Sindhi `Sai Bhaji' with sindhi rice Bhugal Chanvaar or Brown rice for the lunch. Oh bliss. If you had a Sindhi friend, do insist to him or her to treat you to Sai Bhaji and Bhugal Chanvaar. After that I had good two hours siesta. On Saturday I heard the good news that the concerned authorities have very kindly reduced the load-shedding by half an hour. So instead of seven and half hours, it will now be seven hours, every day. Oh thanks for the small mercies.

More on food: on Sunday I had purchased thick carrots for Gaajar ka Halwa. But since Sachin, my son, is appearing for his Std. X exam, which will begin on this Tuesday, March 13, my wife was reluctant to make it, as it is quite time consuming. She wanted to sit with Sachin and supervise his revision of his studies. After much cajoling, she agreed, but on condition that I will mesh them and also oversee the cooking of the halwa. So, dear reader, I took up the meshing of the carrots and it took up about 45 minutes to mesh one and half kilos of carrots, and maybe one hour for cooking. So this is the end-of-season Gaajar Ka Halwaa for us. We will enjoy it for few days.

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