Monday, June 28, 2010

Chicken Chilli and RD

I had a great day yesterday. It was a beautiful day, cool wind was breezing the whole day, Sun and rain had taken a day off, as it was a Sunday, and it was Pancham da (R.D. Burman)'s 71st birthday. June 27 is a special day for Pancham fans, like me. I had mentioned this to my children and they promptly said let us celebrate RD's birthday and party on that day. I agreed but on two conditions that we will listen to Pancham songs for the whole day and they have to say Jai Pancham when we party in the evening.

Well, I listened to RD songs for practically whole day and was very very happy. Pancham has left us a treasure trove of songs. One life is too small to listen and enjoy all of them. In the evening my children reminded me about party and we decided to eat at home by bringing takeaway chicken and ice cream so that we can listen to some more RD songs. So I went to a trendy new restaurant in our new neighbourhood and asked for good chicken dishes. The man at the restaurant said their Chicken chili is quite good. On hearing chili I suddenly remembered reading in one of the article that RD was quite fond of chilies and use to grew various varieties in his home garden. I immediately settled for chicken chili, which later turned out to be quite good. Well, my children and wife certainly had a good time eating chicken and listening to RD songs. For starters we had chicken lolly pop and in the background was playing `Yeh din to aata hai ek din jawwani main'. And whene started the main course of chicken chili, children's all time favourite `Ladki ke kathi' was playing. My Children, wife and I really enjoyed the songs and the chicken chili. And when we had Fresh Litchi ice cream for desert, `O mere dil ke chain' was playing in the backgtound. Bliss. Thank you RD for the ageless and timeless songs. You are Great. We will celebrate your birthday every year like this. Jai Pancham!

I was touched by Lataji's this tweet about RD: its pancham's birth anniversary today......i really miss you and your music pancham..., you are matchless........yours didi... And Ashaji's you tube video clip which is at Watch it.

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