Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Ulhasnagar

Today we completed one month in our new home in Kalyan. Our new home is in a area called Khadak Pada. This area is jokingly called New Ulhasnagar, as many persons, me included, have moved out of Ulhasnagar, to this area. It is basically a residential area, not so far away from Kalyan station and city of Ulhasnagar, and has many upcoming projects, and a 2 screen multiplex.

I was apprehensive that my family may not be able to settled down quickly in our new home. I have been proven wrong. They have settled very nicely and like both the surroundings and our complex. My wife, who always wanted an airy and a bigger home, never lose any opportunity to thank me for new home!

I had always thought of joining a gym, to lose some weight, and some inches around my waist. As our complex's club house has an excellent gym, I am being pestered by my children to visit gym as often as I can. I am beginning to make a visit to gym a habit, but it may take some time.

My wife is very religious and she used to feed meethi boondi (sweet boondi) everyday to crows in our old home in Ulhasnagar. It seems same crows have also migrated with us to Kalyan. Every day at six in the morning my wife is woken up by ka ka ka of crows which does not stop until she feeds them meethi boondi. She believes that it is crows who brought us to our new home. Interestingly the name of our building is `Pashupatinath', named after famous Lord Shiva temple. I am beginning to believe that maybe she is right. Thank you crows and Lord Shiva for our new home!

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