Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Apt quote

Saw the following quote in today's HT, Mumbai edition:
Children use the fist
Until they are of the age to use the brain
-- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
It is quite appropriate for the recent happenings in Mumbai when MNS workers beat innocent and hapless persons, whose only crime (!), was that they were unemployed youths and from U.P. and Bihar. What a shame!

When I saw the news images in a TV news channel last Sunday, my initial reaction was of disbelief and a open mouth. Can this be happening in our age! Then I was siezed by anger and impotent rage. Violence of any kind, and especially to a fellow countryman, is deplorable and should not be happening.

Now Mr Raj Thackeray has been arrested and sent to jail for two weeks. Hope the child in him will stop using his fist and start using his brain. Attention seeking tacits will not work for ever. And justice will prevail. I still have faith.

Update: The following picture appeared in Today (Oct. 22)'s HT:

Link to the news story.

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Lil Tan said...

why did that 'child' used his fist?