Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It is W580i now

My new mobile phone is now Sony Ericsson W580i (black boulevard) . I purchased it today. And am quite happy about it. It is a slider phone

My birthday is on October 3, and as always is the practice is with me (gifting myself something), I thought this year I will gift myself W580. Actually I wanted to purchase the big brother of W580, which is W595, but I do not know when it will hit the Indian markets. As is the case with new models, W595 may also be steeply priced for first few months.

I do not had any much problem with my previous SE 610i phone, except that its navigation keys were a bit hard. The keys of W580i, both navigation and numeric, are quite soft. And it has a bigger screen and better resolution of 320 x 240. Also, W50i has built it pedometer, which keeps on counting the steps taken by me. It is quite useful to see much I am walking everyday and how much calories I am burning. So far, I had no problem with my new phone. It is quite good. The only thing I am missing is dedicated media on/off key on the side. Anyway, one does not get everything in a mobile phone.

I purchased it from Alpha Electronics, Irla, Vile Parle, Mumbai. It is supposed to be a landmark for the mobile phone/gadget lovers. My friend Ajay has been to Alpha previous and gone ga ga over it. So I went with Ajay today to Alpha. I was hoping that I may get W595 there. I had read in a SE blog that it is released on Sept. 29. The person at Alpha told me that it has not been received by them as yet. Since I wanted a new phone as a birthday present to myself, I made a quick decision to buy W580. And it seems to have been a wise decision. This phone is too good. I will write my detailed impressions about it later. Let me get used to it and enjoy it now.

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