Monday, December 19, 2005

Demolitions in Ulhasnagar

I live in Ulhasnagar. Mumbai High Court orderd that 855 illegal buildings in Ulhasnagar should be demolished. The order was given on April 27, 2005. Ulhasnagar Municipal Corportation started acting on this order in November 2005 and few unoccupied and a occupied building was demolished. There was big public outcry about this and till today demolitions reamined suspended. Nobody knows if demolitions will be carried out or Government will regularise the buildings.

Since I will be one of the affected person, if and when the demolitions will be actually carried out, I will be writing my experiences about it.

It seems to me that regularizing the buildings is better option that just razing the building and displacing the people.

I curious to see is if someone has blogged about this. I was pleasantly surpirsed when I found a blog, using Google Blogsearch, by Kusum Rohra who has written about this in her blog Something about everything. Her post about Ulhasnagar is here. Thank you Kusum for writing about it.

This inspired me to have my own blog, to blog about Ulhasnagar and etc. etc. and here it is ...

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