Friday, December 30, 2005

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Yesterday I read a review of a book `Bald' by Kevin Baldwin, in my favourite news weekly The Guardian Weekly. Is the name just a coincidence, or Mr Baldwin was born to write this book. Anyway, this book could make for good read. The book is a compilation of newspaper cuttings, anecdote and slaphead jokes, plus everything one can collect up by hitting "bald" on Google. It is reported in the book that 30% of us (men) are suffering some symptom of baldness by 30, 40% by 40 and so on. In the United States alone £1bn a year is spent trying to combat hair loss. Nobody knows why some men have all their hairs intact even in their old age, while some men loose their hair quite early in their life. I know many such people who are unforunate to loose their hairs quite early in their life, even before their marriage!

The online review of the book is here .

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