Thursday, February 23, 2006

Crime and No Punishment

The more I am reading or seeing in the media about verdict of Jessica Lal, the more shocking and scandalous the whole thing appears to me. A former model, who works as a bartender at a party, is shot dead in cold murder in the presence of 400 persons, just because she refuses to serve drink to Manu Sharma. Manu Sharma and other accused surrenders to the police after few days, eye witnesses to the murder name Manu Sharma in the FIR, case drags on for seven long years, in the meantime the accused destroys the weapon, the witness turn hostile in the court and all the accused walk free due to want of evidence. Absurd and shocking. All the accused are rich and famous, and `well connected' and thus run away with the murder. Are there two sets of laws --- one for the common people, and other for the rich and famous and `well connected'!

All the crimes should follow punishment. But in this case crime has been committed but there is no punishment. If Manu Sharma has not not murdered Jessica, then who has?

Manu Sharma has run away with the murder, but can he run away from himself. I wonder if he is able to sleep at nights.

My the soul of Jessica rest in peace. My sympatheis to father and sisster of Jessica Lal.

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