Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jhuk Gayi Ankhen

On January 4 I had purchased a 3-CD pack called `Memoires - Music and Beyond' by Universal. Needless to say it had songs of R.D. Burman which were released under Music India/Universal label. On the 2nd CD, it has a most amazing song `Jhuk Gayi Ankhen' from 1978 film `Bhola Bhala'. The movie starred Rajesh Khanna, Rekha and Moushami Chatterjee. The song is very very good. I do not know why I keep listening to this song again and again, at least once in a day. The song has beautiful tune and good lyrics by Anand Bakshi. It is sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. In a way this song is like `Tere Bina Zindagi Se' that the first two antaras are sung by Lata and the last antara is by Kishore, who like Tere Bina songs, make chutti of Lata :) singing-wise.

One pleasure of listening R.D. Burman is that one come across gem-of-song like this. Though I consider myself great fan of RDB, I have not come across this song before. There must be many such songs of RDB ...

The Lyrics of the song is:

Jhuk Gayi Ankhen Tere Rahon Pe
Ruk Gaye Saanse Tere Hooton Pe
Phir Bhi Na Jaana Piya Anjana
Mere Dil Ke Dil Ke Baaten

Jhuk Gayi Ankhen ...

Thoda Sa Bhola Bhaala Hoona Acha Hota Hai
Aisa Kiya Jaage Hue Bhi Tu Jaise Soota Hai - 2
Din Guzree Tere Aise Jaise Raatan

Jhuk Gayi Ankhen ...

Mushkil Se Din Main Mujhe Do Paal Detta Hai
Jaab Bhi Dil Aata Hai Piya Too Chaal Deeta Hai - 2
Yeh Kitnei Chootee Hain Mulakatain

Aisa To Deewana Main Nahin Jaise Lagta Hoon
Samjho To Baaten Mutlab Ke Main Samajta Hoo - 2
Rahene Do Jaane Do Yeh Ghatein

Jhuk Gai Ankhen Tere Rahon Pe
Ruk Gaye Saanse Tere Hooton Pe
Phir Bhi Na Jaanee Prem Diwanee
Mere Dil Ke Dil Ke Baaten

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