Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Why Rang de Basanti is a scary movie (update)

Sagarika Ghose, who is Features Editor of CNN-IBN, News Channel, and also author of a novel, The Gin Drinkers, has written an article about Rang De Basanti in last Friday's (Feb. 17) Hindustan Times.

An excerpt from her article:

Why is Rang de Basanti a scary film? Because it is a film that is unable to distinguish between media and reality. It is the ultimate made-in-media-India film. It is not rooted in any kind of reality, does not explore the position of the politician in our society, nor does it tell any kind of tale of heroism and ideals, nor does it bother to find real believable people in a real believable situation.

Link to the article

Sagarika Ghose's article with comments is at her Blog at CNN-IBN .

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