Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Reading Record

Finished reading `Joy in the Morning' by P.G. Wodehouse. It was good read. Wodehouse seldom disappoints. He shouldn't! Reading this book was indeed joy in the morning for me, as I read this book in the mornings while commuting to work. The action in this book takes places in Steeple Bumpleigh (is there such a place in England, I wonder). Jeeves, as usual rescues Bertie in the end. One of the most funny characters in this book is Edwin, who is a Boy Scout -- "as pestilential a stripling as ever wore khaki shorts and went spooring, or whatever it is that these Boy Scouts do". Edwin happens to be brother of Florence Craye, ex-fiancee of Bertie. In one of the hilarious scences in the book, Jeeves advises Bertie to kick Edwin in the pants and Bertie do manage to kick Edwin in the presence of Florence, but with the unexpected results --- in Bertie's words it `produced a bountiful harvest'.

The next book on my reading list is: My Side of the Matter by Truman Capote. It has four short stories. In May 2005 Penguin had publish 70 unique titles to celebrate the company's 70th birthday, this book is one of them.

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