Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cricket Cricket

The Test series of India versus England starts today. India had just returned from Pakistan and now another series starts. Now the news channel will go on overdrive if India wins or some Indian player takes a hat trick. Forgotten will be the budget and poor Jassica Lall. It is sickening to watch a newsreader on our 24X7 news channel after reading out the headlines say, and broadly smiling, `But Cricket First'. I have yet to see them saying `But Hockey First' or `But Table Tennis First'.

It seems the players of England teams, whenever they visit India, face problems both personal and physical. At the rate at which the England players are returning home, for both personal and physical problems, it wont be surprising if they are captained by Mudhsuden Singh Panesar, who is known as Monty Panesar, in the third test.

BTW Amit Varma has fabricated some very funny jokes about Ponty Manesar which are here and here.

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