Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remains of the Year

Dear Reader: the blog you are reading completes one year of its existence today. Thank you, thank you for your best wishes. Do partake of a slice of cake.

It was on December 19 last year, that this blog came into existence as Here, There and Everywhere. Obviously I am a The Beatles fan, and the name was inspired by a famous song of The Beatles. Later on, I renamed it as Anything Goes, which is a name of P.G. Wodehouse play. I liked the name, and it is stuck since then.

This blog owes its existence to a post about demolitions of allegedly illegal buildings in Ulhasnagar, the city where I was born and still live. It was written by Kusum Rohra. And inspired by her posts and her Blog, I thought I will have a blog of my own. Thank you Kusum, for writing the inspirational post, and for maintaining a wonderful blog.

Well, I had written over 250 posts in the past year. I consider this and this as my best posts. I wish I had written more such posts.

When I began blogging a year ago, I thought I would put my thoughts, for whatever they are worth, on my blog. But due to time constraint, as I blog from office, I am getting less time nowadays for blogging. Many good thoughts about post come when I am commuting to and from office and by the time I reach office, these supposedly bright ideas vanish into thin air. Many interesting things keep happening around the world and also to me, but some time they do not make it to this blog.

I do hope ... now wait a minute, I read very recently that `hope has little to do with reason', but I hope anyway that my second year of blogging will be better, than my first. And I do hope to file an equally boring post, same day, next year!


Carol said...

Congratulations, belatedly on your 1st anniversary. That is an important
junction point. Keep on writing and being you as that what makes a blog special.

Raju Bathija said...

Carol: Thanks. I appreciate your kind words.