Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Indian Bloggers in a spot -- again?

It seems the ban/block on is back again. I am not able to view (though I am able to edit my posts) my blog on blogspot. But I am able to view my blog using

A few weeks ago (in fact on July 13), Indian Government had ordered Internet Service Providers in India to ban/block 17 websites, which included 4 blogspot blogs. At that time, the ISPs have bloced the blogspot.domain, so that people who were accessing internet from India were not able to access their own or any other blogs hosted on blogspot.

Are the Indian bloggers in a spot again?

If yes, then it is ridiculous and deplorable. It is yet another attack on the freedom of speech.

Update: It seems the block was due to (maybe) some technical problem at ISPs end. I am able to view mine and other blogs on More about this is here.

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