Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Diary

This is my weekend diary for Weekend August 19 and 20.

Last Friday was quite good for me. I left office for home at my usual time, instead of staying late or visiting bookshops to browse or buy books or CDs. I must first clear the pending credit card bills, and then think of buying new books and CDs. Anyway, the Books and CDs just accumulate and I have been on buying spree over the past few months. I must stop buying new books and CDs for few months.

It was a sunny saturday last week. I got up quite late and had a good breakfast and lunch. Since my wife has taken leave for few days and it exam time for the children, I stayed most of the time with them and helped childen in their studies for the exam. After many many days I went to the local park for my evening walk and felt good. I had read long time ago in a newspaper that, in Ulhasangar, the city where I live, there is shop which sells Bengali sweets. While strolling in park, I for no reason, remember that, and afterwards went to that shop to buy rasgullas for my family. Children were happy to have them, after dinner.

Sunday also was mostly sunny, though it rained lightly few times. I spent Sunday morning reading my favourte newspaper, which is Hindustan Times, then went out to buy mutton, as children had insisted that they want to eat it for the lunch. So we all at home at quite good time.

Since my son, Sachin, is in Standard X, and will be giving board exams in March next year, I and my wife and decided to cut off the cable connection. So since August 10, there has been no satellite television for us. At first it seems quite strange as we are use to watch silly serials as we had dinner everyday. But, we are slowly getting use to it.

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Kusum Rohra said...

Hmm that sounds like a perfect weekend. So your family had teevaan on sunday :D

Well I think it was good aap logon ne cable katwa diya, and belive me in few days you won't even realise the absense of tv.

Raju Bathija said...

Kusum: Thanks for your comments.

Maybe you are right about absence of tv. Children do miss them, though. But I am not used to its absence now.