Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Happy but unhappy

I read the Pancham Yahoo Group reguarly. Last Friday I was thrilled to see a post informing that Universal India have released a combo pack of 5 CD containing full songs of the following R.D. Burman Films:
  1. Aamne Saamne/Shaukeen

  2. Arjun/Joshilaay

  3. Joshila/Dil Deewana

  4. Ghungroo Ki Awaaz/Apne Apne

  5. Jawani/Basera
5 CDs of 10 films, 64 songs, only at Rs. 199/-. Most of the above movies, except for Arjun, which was an ealier hit movie of Sunny Deol, are virtually unknown movies, but music-wise each movie is a minor classic, for Pancham fans. And the writer of the post had said the CDs has awesome recording. I was happy to see this announcement as I did not have CDs of any of the above films. Nothing is more joyous for Pancham fan like me, than to come across a CD of RD movie, which I did not have.

So last Friday, I went to a music shop, Music World, at Flora Fountain, along with printout of the post, and asked for this combo pack. But this was not available with them. I then tried the nearby music shop, Hiro Music House, in Foutain area, and there also this combo pack was not available. At both the shops I was informed that they can get it for me next Monday. Maybe they were impressed by the prinout of the post. I then finally tried my luck at the Planet M which is near CST station. And these CDs were available with them. I purchased it immediately. I felt happy, getting hold a 5 CDs of 10 movies at such a low price.

So as soon as I reached home, I played the CD No. 1 (that is of movie Aamne Saamne/Shaukeen) on my Sony Music System, which we had acquired about two years ago. The recording was just superb. Towards the end of the CD I noticed the song was skidding and there was a momentary pause while song was being played. It was obvious that few dust particles had got into the CD tray and it needed cleaning. In my enthusiasim to clean the CD tray thoroughly, I seems to have done something silly and the CD tray had got locked. It is neither opening nor playing a CD. It was really frustrating that I have 5 new CDs but I cannot play them.

I called the Sony Service Centre last Saturday morning, and I was promised that an engineer will come to my home to look at the music systems sometime in the afternoon of Sunday. Mr engineer did not turned up last Sunday and I was waiting and just waiting for him for the whole afternoon. Finally I got a call from that fellow at 8:00 p.m. in the evening that he can come in the next hour to our home. I told him, sorry it is too late now, and he should come next Saturday when I will be available.

So I felt happy when I had purchased these 5 new RD CDs, but I am feeling very unhappy that I cannot play them. I could play them in my office PC, but I am little sentimental about new RD CDs. I always play the new RD CD at my home, where I can enjoy them without any interruption. Only after few weeks, I bring them to my office and make mp3 files of all the songs, so that I have a backup of all the RD Burman songs.

Hopefully, the person from Sony will keep his word and will come on this Saturday to fix the music systems. Until then, I have to wait for the Saturday to arrive.


sugar n spice said...

oh panchamda rocks! his music explores vast genre n mks ppl of all age grps listen to 'em!

i'll buy it too wait!

Raju Bathija said...

#sugar n spice: Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment. Yes, Panchamda rocks. You must buy this combo pack. It has a smiling picture of Pancham on each of the CD.

Kusum Rohra said...

The template is really good :)

Raju Bathija said...

#kusum: Thanks for your comment. This template and other awesome templates are available at: