Monday, June 19, 2006

Still unhappy

A few days ago I had blogged that though I had got hold of 5 new CDs of Pancham, I was not able to listen to them, since my CD player had gone out of action.

Well, the engineer from Sony India did came last Saturday to look at the music system. And after opening the system and some elementary inspection, told me that various parts need to be replaced and the total cost will be between 2 to 3 thousand of rupees. I could not belive it, and I told him that the system is quite new and not even two years old. He told me, almost coolly that the their company (Sony India) know these parts wear out quite often and they keep upgrading the music system and one can see new models almost every year. Anyway, I told him thank you very much for your visit and I will think over about the whether I want to get it repaired from them or not.

Since the repairs charges by Sony are ridicuously high, I have given the music sytem to the local repairman. I have been promised that the my music system will be repaired within a week. So by next Sunday, hopefully, I will be able to hear the new 5 CDs of Panchamda.

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