Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tumse Milke

Yesterday I happen to spot this wonderful CD `Tumse Milke' of Raul Dev Burman at Planet M. It is a 2-CD pack and has 28 little gems from unkown movies of RD. I had purchased casette version of this CD a few years ago and had loved all the songs on it. I had been looking for the CD version of Tumse Milke for sometime now, but could not find it anywhere. It is customary for me now to purchase new CDs of Panchamda on January 4 and June 27 every year. Normally I go to Rhythm House to look for new CDs of Panchamda. But since it was raining quite heavily yesterday in Mumbai, I decided to try my luck at Planet M, near CST station, Mumbai. I was lucky to spot this twin-CD pack there. Oh how happy it made me. The real fun of being a RD fan is that there are so many films of his (292 to be exact) that one can look forever to update one's collection of his songs. There are still many many movies of RD, whose songs either on CD or casette form, are not available, including the movies the songs of which are included in this CD pack. The song list of this CD pack is given below. If you, like me are a Pancham fan, then Tumse Milke is highly recommended.

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