Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back now

Dear readers: I was away from my blog, and also from work, most of the last week, as I was down with conjunctivitis . Some bacteria or viruses decided to house themselves in my left eye. It was a blasted condition and one has to wait till the b. or v. decides to leave your eyes. I had to take leave from my office and to say bye bye to blogsphere for few days. These kinds of forced leave are in fact blessings in desguise. Thanks to these b. and v., I was unable to read (bad) or watch T.V. (which was good), I had no option but to listen to music. I renewed my friendship with many old songs, songs which I had not listened since long long time. I also discovered the other side and better side of FM radio stations --- in the day time they play songs sung by Himesh Reshamiya, which I am hating more and more, but in the late evenings and at night they play really good old songs.

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