Friday, March 31, 2006

Extra ell

After many many days I happen to buy The Times of India today. I don't know why I purchased it. I have stopped reading/purchasing it long long time ago. For some reasons I hate this paper. In today's paper, among its numerous supplements, there is a supplment which is `complementary' for the readers of Ulhasngar, Kalyan Mulund and Chembur: Cheti Chand Jo Melo (Festival of Cheti Chand, Sindhi New Year). But the Cheti Chand was yesterday, and the supplment is being given today! Well, anyway the supplement has a article by Mr Sanjay B. Jumaani, who is a numerologist. He suggest that it will be better for Ulhasnagar if it was renamed as `Ullhasnagar', that is an extra ell should be added to it. According to Mr Jumaaani (I have added an extra `eh' to his name for his very good suggestion, and also to bring good luck to him), extra ell will bring, peace and harmony, along with wealth, which Ulhasnagar already has, and will also keep the citizens of Ulhasnagar united, ensuring unbound prosperity. Thank you Mr Jumaaani. Leaders of Ulhasnagar, opps Ullhasnagar, act on the this suggestion, pronto.

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