Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mumbai Test: India lose by 212 runs

Congratulations England. India, despite playing five bowlers, lose to England. What next. Good luck to India fo the one-day series. They really need all the good luck and support from crowd now that they will be without Sachin. And that reminds me, was Sachin injured before the Mumbai test, or he got injured during the test. We will never now. These things are not told to mere mortals like us. We can only speculate. Now that Sachin is out of action for 8 weeks, I wonder why the Indian selectors have not selected Sourav Ganguly who is fully fit and played in various domestic cricket recently.

While still on Sachin, I am maha amused to see what Mr Kiran More had to say: Chairman of selectors Kiran More, however, clarified that Tendulkar did not have any problem with his batting. "He is fully fit to bat and will have no difficulty in batting tomorrow (against England on the fifth day of the third Test)." I really believe Mr More, Sachin did made 34 runs in 57 balls with 5 fours!

Link to News Story: Indian lose Mumbai test


Dave said...

I'm inclined to think that it was down to the captaincy of Flintoff and some rather careless batting by India?

Raju Bathija said...

Agreed. It was very careless batting by India and also sloppy fielding. I read in newspapers that Indian fieldsmen dropped not less than 10 cathes. Ridiculous.