Monday, March 20, 2006

World of Psmith

Last weekend I found in my book collection, `The World of Psmith Omnibus' which is a collection of three Psmith novels -- Psmith in the City, Psimth Journalist and Leave it to Psmith. I think I had purhcased it few years ago and never read it. Very careless of me.

The P in his surname is silent, and was added by himself as he considers himself (with some justice) to be too remarkable to be a mere "Smith". Just like P in Psychology P is silent and not sounded. Needless to say, Psmith, like most of the Wodehouse characters is very funny. In my opinion, even funnier than Bertie. Wish Wodehouse had written more Psmith novels, than just three. Psmith also appears in few stories.

I have abondoned reading `Ladies Coupe', or rather booted out of it, and am now with Psmith for most of the time at home and while travelling. Have already finished Psmith in the City, which was very very funy. But I will not be writing review of it --- it should be read and enjoyed, and not merely reviewed. Psmith Journalist also seem to be funny and the action there takes place in New York, in U.S. of A. Leave ito to Psmith is famous of these three books and was also made in a Hindi T.V. serial, few years ago and the action in this book takes place in Blandings Castle, and, of course, Earl of Emsworth is very much around.

Wodehouse, I think, never wrote a Bertie-Jeeves story or novel, where Psmith also made an appearnace. I think that would have been too rich for us.

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