Friday, March 03, 2006

Greg Chappell does it again

Mr Greg Chappell has done it again. He has given an interview to Mike Selvey of The Guardian and among others things, this is what Mr Chappell has said about Sourov Ganguly:

"What I didn't realise at that stage was how utterly important to his life and finances being captain was."

Now this is just not cricket. Isn't Mr Chappell coaching Indian team for the financial reasons. Or he is doing it for the love of Indian team. His comments seems to me to be mischievous.

I don't understand why Mr Chappell is after Sourov. He has manage to remove Sourov from captaincy of the Indian team and from the Indian team. He should now concentrate on India being a team on par with Australia. BCCI has done right thing in warning Mr Chappell to concentrate only on the cricket. Hope Mr Chappell will do so in future.

His un-cricket like comments could have demoralising effect on the Indian players. Already India is struggling against England in the first test. I won't be surprised if India loses the first test.

Link to Mike Selvey's Interview with Greg Chappel and reactions of Mike Selvey after his interview was published in the media.


Dave said...

He's not making particularly helpful comments is he?

Raju Bathija said...

Yes, it seems so.m