Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One flew over Lataji's nest

Mahrashtra Government proposes to build a flyover on one of the most congested and most fashionable road in the city of Mumbai -- Peddar Road. It seems the flyover will be passing next to balcony of residence of Lata Mangeshkar, who happens to live on the first floor of a building on the Peddar Road. It seems Lataji has written to the concerned minister threatening that she will have no option but to leave Mumbai and settle in Pune or in the interiors of Maharashtra. It seems many issues are being raised for this particular flyover -- an earthquake fault line running along Peddar Road, privacy of residents will be lost etc. etc. The government had built till date 55 flyovers in the Mumbai city, one come to know about their completion when they are inaugrated by the ministers or politicians. Were the concerns of residents taken into account at the time of building these flyovers? The Peddar Road flyover seems to be flying lot of dust even before the actual work has even begun. A few years ago, the longest flylover (of 2.4 k.m. length) in Mumbai was built over one the busiest roads Mohammad Ali Road and one does not heard of any protest from the residents of that road --- flyover was just few feets away from the home of the residents on that road. Now that flyover is complete and in good use, the residents of Mohammad Ali Road are happy about the flyover as it has improved the traffic situation in their area.

The only purpose of flyover is to reduce the travel time from point a to point b, and of course to reduce the traffic congestions.

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