Thursday, July 20, 2006

Block Lifted

The block on seeme to have lifted. I just now checked and I was able to view mine and other blogs on the normal way. Viva Indian Bloggers.

The following post was written earlier in the day.

I have not been able to view my blog last Tuesday (July 11). Initially I thought blogspot may be down for some maintenance or there may be some technical problem. Through a blogging friend I came to now that all the blogs on have been blocked. My initial reaction was of absolute dismay. How could that be, and why.

It seem that the Indian Government had instructed Internet Service Providers in India to block 17 websites, including 4 blogs on July 13, on the grounds of national security. The ISP provides in India seems to have blocked the from viewing from India, instead of blocking 4 blogs hosted on blogspot. According to some report it is likely that this block on blogs in India may be lifted soon. There are various ways to circumvent this ban to view the banned sites, more on how to bypass the ban is here.

I have been using to access my blog. I have also been using Bloglines to view and read my favourite blogs.

What the this silly block of blogs seems to achieve? Absolutely nothing in my opinion. It only gives some free publicity to the blocked sites. No one may have bothered to visit these sites, now thanks to this stupid block, many people may. When will our government learn that all bans or blocks are counterproductive. They acheive nothing. The blocks seems to have been prompted by the recent terrorists attacks in Mumbai.

The ISP provides have goofed up the government's order, by putting blanket block on, instead of blocking 4 blogs which government wanted to block from viewing. This shows their incompetence.

Posts about block or ban are here and here, here, and here.

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