Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Italy it is

Watched the Germany - Italy S/F match yesterday night. It was amazing match. When everyone thought it will be one more match with pentalty shootouts, Italy scored two amazing goals in the dying moments of extra time (in the 119th minute of the match). Italy deserved to win, as they played better than Germany. All the best to them for the final. Let us see who they will play with in the Finals.

Minute by minute match report

Link to match report .

Video of two goals scored by Itlay in the final minutes:

I and my friends, who had stayed overnight at our dear friend's home, had good time yesterday. We had good drinks, dinner (fantastic chicken) and yummy ice cream. And, of course, we watched the Germany - Itlay match from start to finish. The Mumbai city, though it is still raining, but not so hard, is slowly moving back to normal and local trains services seems to be back to normal.

Link to some pictures of yesterday's rains in Mumbai.

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