Friday, July 21, 2006

Goal Mall

Last Sunday saw the movie Golmall. The film has similar title as Gol Maal, which was relased in 1979 and is a classic comedy. Thankfully the makers of Golmall (2006) have only borrowed the title, and not the plot. Gol Mall (1979) was very very funny movie. I have seen it when I was quite young and had enjoyed the movie. Its humour was Wodehousian, clean and good. And yes, it had music by great R.D. Burman and had one immortal song by Kishore Kumar `Aane Waala Paal Jaane Waala Hai'.

I wanted to see Golmall because it was Ajay Devgan's movie, and Ajay happens to be my favourite actor. This is his first movie of 2006, Aapaharan was released way back in December 2005. So I was eagerly awaiting to see this movie. I had decided to see it in the night show on last Saturday. Just as I announced to my wife and children, after dinner, that I was leaving to watch Golmall, my daughter, who is 9 years old, said I will also come with you as I too want to see this movie. I was surprised and said do you know who is in this movie, she said yes, it has your favourite Ajay Devgan and it is a comedy. How much children know nowadyas. I said okay, if you also want to see it, we will go tomorrow, which is Sunday, in the evening show, as it is not good to take children for the night show. So, next day we went to a cinema, which is quite close to our home, where it was being shown. We have started half an hour earlier, but on reaching at the theatre we saw House Full board at the ticket counter. It seems there were many Ajay Devgan's fans, who had come with their families or with their daughters. So we were wondering what to do. I and my daughter were obviously disappointed. My daughter said oh you can see the movie today in the night show, but mummy will not permit me to see it in that show. Suddenly I saw a man with some tickets in hand and he wishepered to me `DC sau ruppiah'. Oh, he was selling tickets in black. I was pleasantly surprised. It had been ages since I saw a person selling cinema tickets in black. I approached him and ask him in which row the seats are. He said `oh they are in row A, seat number 1 and 2, but are for family or ladies. I pointed out to him I had a young lady with me so give me two tickets. He did so similingly. In a way it was not a bad bargain, as normal balcony ticket was 100 rupees and Dress Circle ticket was 60. So I and my daughter were quite happy to obtain tickets for th movie. The smile on my daughter's face was worth the extra money. It was quite funny how these funny things happen in real life. It was our little golmall beore the movie.

Now about the movie. The movie was very very good. It was better than I had expected. The movie is an adoption of a Gujarati play `Aflatoon'. It is story of four friends Gopal (Ajay Devgan), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor) and Laxman (Shriman Joshi). All four of them live in the hostel room of Laxman, who is still studying, but every year his friends see to it that either he dos not sit for exam or fails in the exam. The other three have been expelled from college 10 years ago and have no place to stay so they live with Laxman, without knowledge of college principal. The principal finds all four of them together in Laxman's room and after lots of shouting and screming throws all four of them out of the college hostel.

The foursome then land in a bunglow, which belong to blind couple (Paresh Rawal and Shushmita Mukherjee), and they overhear the blind couple that they are waiting for arrival of their grandson, Sameer, from America. So one of them, Laxman (against his wishes) impersonates as their grandson, Gopal is his voice and other two acts as Chinese cats. There are some funny some not verry funny episodes in the movie. And yes, there is a girl, how can any movie be complete without a heroine, called Niralee (Rimi Sen), who lives nearby and all four of them try to get her attention. Also the movie has bad men, which also act funny like the rest of characters. One bad man is called Vasooli and he is a big fan of Sanjay Dutt and tries to act like him. And there is a don who is hard of hearing and has several goofy sidekicks. All in all, it is great time-pass movie and has some good one liners.

The film is directed by Rohit Shetty who is son of Shetty who used to be villian of hindi movie and always appered completely bald in the movies. The performance are good, I particularly liked Ajay and Arshad Warsi's performance. Warsi's mimicking of Rani Mukherjee, from Black, is very hillarious. If you get a chance to see this movie, grab that chance. It will make you laugh. And maybe happy.

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