Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rains and the Trains

The monsoon has really arrived in Mumbai. Over the past weekend and yesterday, it rained quite consistently and heavily. Among the first thing the rains affects are the Mumbai's local trains. Yesterday morning as I was leaving for work in the early morning, it was raining quite heavily, I had half a mind to skip the work and stay at home. But I changed my mind and came for the work. My usual train reached V.T. station about 20 minutes late. As it was raining during the day, we were told to leave for home one hour early. When I reached V.T. station, it was very crowded as one of the section of local railway, harbour line, was completely shutdown temporarily due to rains. But the main section, which I use for commutation, was open. But since everyone was leaving early, the trains were very very crowded. I managed to get inside a train. Since I had left one hour early, I reached home at my usual time. It is during these times that I realize that my iPod is my most vaulable companion. Yesterday though the train was very crowded and people were worrying themselves sick as to when will they reach home. I was quite calm and composed listening to my favourite R.D. Burman songs on my iPod. I am happy that I have acquired an iPod.

I hope that in my lifetime I will see days when rains does not affect the local trains of Mumbai. Lakhs of people travel on these trains and nothing stops the trains, but rains does. All it needs is extra efforts from the concerned departments of Railways and Municipal Corporation of Mumbai to prevent the water logging of train tracks.

Today also, as I write this, it is being raining since morning. I heard from my friends that trains services have stopped completely due to water-logging on the tracks. Today being Tuesday, it brought back the memories of Terrible Tuesday (July 26, 2005) of last year.

I also just heard that people in our office are allowed to leave anytime now so that they are able to reach home sometime in the evening. I wonder how many days will go on like this. So I will again leave early as soon as we hear the rumour that the trains have started. One more adventure to reach home.

The best blog to check during monsoon is Cloudburst, Mumbai.

Link to the newsstory about yesterday's rains.


Kusum Rohra said...

Boy am I glad I have shifted close to office :)

Raju Bathija said...

Kusum: Good luck to you :).