Monday, July 17, 2006

May I Help You, Sir

May I Help You, Sir. This is what the Salesgirl said, as I was looking at watches on display at a Titan World showroom.

I was at the showroom to buy the gift of a watch for my wife, whose Birthday was on Fri, July 7. I have been giving a gift of her choice evey year to her, of her choice. This year she wanted a good watch, for everyday use. A few years ago I had gifted her a watch, which she had chosen herself, but that did not turned out to be a good watch. Since she wanted a watch, I suggested that it should be a Tittan watch, which are supposed to be the Indian's best watches. So I had gone to the Titan World Shorrom which is near my office to hunt for a good everyday watch for my wife. There were any many good watches and I was puzzled which one to get for her. I had a certain budget in mind and was wondering which one to choose. Suddenly a salesgirl appeared out of nowhere and said May I Hepl You, Sir. The following is the interesting bit of conversation between her (salesgirl) and Me. What she said is in italics and what I said is in the regular text.

May I help you, sir.

Oh sure. I am looking at a watch, I mean I am looking for watch.

For whom, sir.

Oh, for my wife. It happens to be her birthday today.

(grinning) Oh, I see. I will be glad to help you, sir.

I have certain budget in mind I ...

(still grinning) You had come at the right time and at the right place, sir.

Oh, have I.

(still grinning) Yes, we have a scheme under which you will get fabulous discsount [blah blah], free csometics, but the price of the watch has to be above Rs. 1,500/-. And today is the last day of the scheme.

Well, my budget is just about that.

Let me show you some watches.

[Shows me some, but I like none of them]

How is your wife, I mean is she tall?

No, medium height.

Is she fair?

Yes, quite. She is somewhat like Rani Mukherjee over there.

[The showroom had a big poster of Rani Mukherjee with Titan Raga Watches]

Oh, then I will show the perfect watch for your wife.

[disappears for few seconds and appears with two watches]

Is it not beautiful [shows me the watch (Titan Raga) pictured left].

Yes, yes, it is quite beautiful, but how much is the price?

Today is her birthday, so you should give her something for which she will remember you always.

But this gold plated thing always wear away after few months.

Then takes this platinuium plated, but take either of them. You said you wife looks like Rani, than it is the perfect gift for her on her birthday.

But the price ...

Well Sir, the watch is beautiful, your wife will love it.

Well, I was happy that she has taken the decision for me. Being a typical Libran, I find it very difficult to make a choice if presented with two options. This time I took about 3 minutes and 45 seconds to arrive at a decision! As by that time, I had selected another watch (with leather strip) which was within my budget. But the watch suggested by her (gold plated, the plantenium coated was even costlier) was really beautiful. So I purchased the watch and she got it packed nicely and give all sorts of discoutnts, free cosmetics etc.

I presented the watch to my wife later in the day after reaching home. Well, the expression on her face on seeing the watch was really well wroth the price of the watch. She said she really loved the watch and I got a big hug from her. She now wears the watch everyday to her work. Now, my childdren also want Titan watch for their birthday. My daughter, Namrata, has threatened that she wants the similar watch and also the similar cosmetics!

BTW, this is my 250th post.


Kusum Rohra said...

The watch looks really nice, so this means you got the platinum plated one right?

LOL daughters wanting cosmetics and accesories just like their moms is very common, even I used to demand that :)

Congrats on your 250th post :) I hope you will continue enjoying blogging.

Raju Bathija said...

Kusum: Thanks for your comment:).

I purchased gold plated, as my wife has weakness, like most of women, for anything gold.

My daughter had told me she don't care what kind of watch it will be, but cosmetics (which were Revlon) should be the same.

Yes, I do enjoy blogging and will keep bragging about these little milestones.

Kusum Rohra said...

Oh my God I just now realised I seemed to have completly forgotten my manners. Please wish your wife very happy belated birthday.

Also if you can please do visit alexis leons blog

He is amazing and amazing chap.

Raju Bathija said...

Kusum: I have conveyed your wishses to my wife. She said Thank you.

I will visit the webiste recommended by you.