Friday, July 07, 2006

Quote for the Weekend

Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you. -- Aldous Huxley

The wisdom that enables us to recognize as an undesirable old acquaintance the folly that we have already embraced.

To one who, journeying through night and fog,
Is mired neck-deep in an unwholesome bog,
Experience, like the rising of the dawn,
Reveals the path that he should not have gone.
-- Joel Frad Bink

The Devil's Dictionary


starry nights said...

Just stopped to say hello. nice blog u have.

Kusum Rohra said...

Hey how come no update for 3 days now! I had called ur office last week but u weren't there.

Raju Bathija said...

starry nights: Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the kind words.

Kusum: I have been busy with my office work, hence no updates. Last Friday, I was in a meeting for most of the day and then left early. Thanks very much for the concern.

Bombay Addict said...

Sir - am very impressed by the complete revamp in your blog ! lovely look and I must say it looks great !

Raju Bathija said...

bombay addict: Thanks for for you comments. Appreciate it.