Friday, July 14, 2006

Firefox is wonderful

According to this article in The Guardian, , Firefox is wonderful. It's up there with chocolate and sex on the grand scale of great things about being alive. As a user of Firfox for few years, I agree with this. Firefox is really really good. And this blog is best viewed in Firefox :).


Dave said...

I agree I always use Firefox.

Raju Bathija said...

dave: Thanks for your comments. I wish everyone use firefox for browsing :).

Tilly said...

Hi Raju- i recently started to get very tired when had used the computer and my doctor suggested a visit to the opticians... until i can do that i am using larger text size on my PC but i found one of my regular haunts does not have larger text and i asked there what people suggested- most were unsure but one person suggested FireFox- and even checked for me that the text would be bigger that way- and so, i think i am going to convert (i'm comfortable with IE, but not ecstatic about it) ... only i haven't done anything yet and am wondering if you have any tips, ideas, suggestions with regards Firefox? Is it simple enough to use and can i add customise toolbars to it etc? i've got the Firefox page bookmarked and am currently reading all about it but am a little nervous about change =/

Any advice would be brilliant- thank you =)

PS: i love your little Calvin picture

Raju Bathija said...

Tilly: Firefox is really simple enough to use. I have been using it for years (since version 0.1 onwards) and have no problems in using it. You can check out :

for various extensions available for firefox. For example, if you want to increase the size of the fonts displayed on a page, you can install extension Zoomy (available at:
). Don't feel nervous about the change. For few days, it may seem strange, as you may be used to IE, but believe me once you are use to Firefox, you will love it.