Monday, July 03, 2006

Weekend (July 1 & 2)

Last Weekend (July 1 & 2) was quite good for me. I got back my Sony Music System which I had given for repairs some time ago. I am now happy again. I got to listen all the CDs of Panchamda which I had purchased recently.

I also watched Germany v/s Argentina and England v/s Portugal World Cup 2006 Football Quarter Final matches. I have been following World Cup matches in the newspapers, but I had not seen any full match so far. Since the matches were over the weekend and at a convenient times (8:30 p.m. Indian time), I thought I will watch them. I was cheering for Germany and England in the respective matches. I had a feeling, before the Quarter Finals, that this time the winner will be an European team, and it might be England. But I was proved wrong, as England lost out to Portugal on pentalty shootouts. I wish Wayne Rooney had not lost his cool in the middle of the match, due to which he was shown red card and was out of the match. If he was around, England could have scored a goal and won the match. I did not watch the other quarter finals France v/s Brazil and Italy v/s Ukraine as they were well past midnight (Indian time). I was quite suprised to know that Brazil is out and France is in the Semis. Semi Final line up of Germany v/s Italy and Portugal v/s France seems quite interesting.

Video of Rooney shown red card in the England-Portugal QF match is below:

Video of England-Portugal QF match penalty shoot out is below:

I could not get to see Superman Returns movie. I hope to see it sometime in mid-week this week.


Aleecia said...

Hey. I stumbled upon your blog and read it cuz i have also been following the world cup, but i've watched every game cuz im the USA and the times are more convenient? Just wanted to say, I also thought England was going to win the world cup. Damn the red card! :) Hope you had a good day.

Raju Bathija said...

Hi Aleecia: Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the comments. I too hope you had a good day.