Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I always dread months of June, July and August. Though these are the months when it rains and rains and washes away the dirt of the world, I for some personal reasons is wary of these months because during these many many birthddays and anniversaries of of near and dear ones falls.

In July it is my wife's birthday, August it is my son's birthday and my marriage anniversary. But it is the month of June which has special memories for me, special memories which have been forced on me.

This is what has happend many years ago. It is a lovely day in the month of June, and it is almost a year since I have been married My wife informs me in the morning of the day, that is a Special day today. What special day, I ask, she said it for you to guess. I spent the whole day recalling what special day it is and could be, but could. Why are women like this : they will just tell you a bit and never tell you the whole thing. Keep guessing seems to be the favourite phrase for them. Anyway, it was midnight and I am suddenly woked up by wife. She looks very solemn and inform me that has a husband I had failed her and that she is deeply disappointed with me. I am very alarmed naturally and practically beg her to tell me what is that I had done. After heavy silence of 5 minutes, she informs me that yesterday (remember it was midnight) was our Engagement Anniversary. At first I did not understand what she is talking about, I know our marriage anniversary was few months away. She said remember on this day we had been engaged to be married and we had cut a cake. I said oh yes, I remember, we also called it Ring Ceremony. But what is the point in celebrating it, everyone celebrates Marriage Anniversary and so will we. No, she said, Engagement Anniversary is very very important to her and that she will never forgive me for not remembering it. Needless to say, I had to buy her an expensive gift to pacify her, next day.

So we have been celebrating our Engagement Anniversary every year since. Though I find it bit funny, but then one has to do many funny things in married life to keep your spouse happy.

I also like many average people forget the birthdays and anniversaries of my friends. To help me remember such important days, website is very useful. It sends me a Birthday Reminder one day before the event, by email.

If you had read thus far, let me torture you more by telling you a silly joke about anniversaries: A women, who has been married for about twenty years, is suddenly woken up in the middile of a night since she felt the place where husband should be sleeping is vacant. She is alarmed and looks in the room for her faithful husband. She founds him sittingg quitely in a corner of room, with a thoughtful expression on his face. `Darling, is anything wrong?', asks she. He replies `You know many many years ago your father has caught us in the act and had threatened me either to marry you or I will be put in a jail for twenty years'. `Yes, how can I forget that, you loved me, of course, and had agreed to marry me', replies she. `Well, today I would have been released from the jail as a free man', says the man.

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