Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Ban

The Da Vinci Code has finally been cleared for release in India. It will be released next week. A disclaimer will be shown at the beginning of the movie which will state that The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction. Why not show the disclaimer also at intermission and at the end of movie, just in case people watching it forget that it is a work of fiction and start believeing it!

Update: The disclaimer will be of duration of 15 seconds and will be shown at the beginning and end of the movie. The film has been given `Adults only' certificate.

Now people will have chance to judge for themselves after seeing the movie whether it is a good film or a bad film and whether it was worth to generate so much hype about its release in India.

The review of the film at the BBC website is here.

Here is a cartoon related to the movie:

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.


Tilly said...

Only me again =)

I LOVE this picture of the sheep - it kinda sums up my feelings about the Da Vinci code phenomenon... I think i will be lazy and just watch the movie- but i'm in no hurry and will watch it when it comes to the very small screen in my living room... ..maybe i'll be sucked in- but i doubt it somehow ;)

I know people who've never picked up a book since leaving high school who read the book in one weekend and claim its the "best book ever" .. like they have anything to compare it to...grrrrr

Have you read the book, Raju? Do you want to see the movie?

Raju Bathija said...

Yes, I have read the book. As a thriller it was quite good. I have no intention of seeing the movie. I think movie may not have said more what the book have already said.

Dave said...

I like the cartoon but I think that it's probably a bit unfair. I enjoyed the book very much. So it wasn't the greatest work of fiction ever but it was never intended to be. It's just a great story, no more, no less.
I'll go and see the film and probably enjoy that as well but I have no expectations of it being some kind of masterpiece.

Tilly said...

A 15 second disclaimer- do you think it will just be something written on the screen with a voiceover?

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie but just as that- a movie- a hollywood blockbuster... i have not heard of any problems with the opening of the movie here at all.

I have a couple of trips to the cinema planned this month actually, and i might just change my mind and go see it on the large screen instead- altho it isnt' getting very good reviews, it seems =/

Carol said...

Disclaimers are a good idea. Lot of people want to this story to believed as true.