Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First Impressions

Here are my first impressions for my iPod Nano, which I have acquired recently.
  • It is such a small, silm and beautiful that it is difficult not to fall in love with it on first sight.
  • The sound is just incredible. MP3 songs sound like a CD is being played. I am impressed by the sound.
  • Though it has 1 GB capacity, but 894 MB is being used for storing of songs.
  • It has many extra things, like games, calendar, alarm, stop watch etc. which, in my opinion, should not be on a MP3 player. It should just play music and make the listener happy.
  • It has a time zone for setting up clock, which can be made to show on the title bar. Surprisingly it does not have Indian Time Zone. It had Bangkok and Karachi Time Zones. It is unbelievable. I think it might a bug. I give benefit of doubt to Apple. Do include Indian Time Zone in the next edition of Nano. Anyway, I selected Karachi, which has time zone of half an hour behind Indian Time Zone and adjusted the clock, to make it display the correct time.
  • The body of the player is black, but the earphone are white. I wish the earphones were black too.
  • The playing of song and making a playlist is quite easy. It remembers the last song on which you had played before pushed the stop button and switched off the player. Quite cool.
  • I am really bowled over by the click wheel. It is really very innovative.
  • It has a run time of 14 hours when the battery is fully charged. I have to check it.
All in all, I am very impressed by my iPod Nano. I would give it 9 out of 10. I hope I will have good time travelling with it.


Tilly said...

You should always go by your first impressions, as my mother would say =)

That thing with the capacity is a little misleading isn't it- my fella has a 40gb iPod and can store just under 30gb onto it- the rest i assume is taken up the workings and the other components- quiz, clock, calendar, contacts etc ...i don't think they are necessarily bad things to have on an iPod- a bit similar to a mobile fone but without the ability to call anyone- but personally, with the amount of iPods that are stolen i certainly wouldn't use the contacts option. I think the owner of the iPod should have the option of what 'extras' are put onto their iPod- my daughter likes to add photos- some she's taken, others shes gotten from the net.

As for the time zone- i was unaware that there were countries that still didn't have an allotted time zone- not that you don't have one, but that it isn't listed on the Nano- i really thought that each capital city would have been listed- you should get eMail Apple and let them know your frustrations as a matter of principal.

My daughters Nano is white- as is the 40gb one- so i never gave any thought to the headphones but you're right- the headphones should be black with the black versions ...but overall, i am happy that you are happy (however, i hope you don't sing along whilst on your journey to the annoyance of everyone else *L)

Happy Listening Raju =))

Raju Bathija said...

I do not sing along, while I listen to the songs. I just smile, if my most favourite song is being played. Thanks for your comments and wishes :).