Monday, May 15, 2006

Shame on Mumbai Police

Mid-Day reports
Mumbai police on Saturday afternoon lathicharged around 300 students from 13 medical and non-medical colleges protesting against the controversial reservation policy outside Governor SM Krishna’s official residence at Raj Bhuvan.
Picture from the Mid-Day website

I have seen the images on T.V. last Saturday. They were shocking and scandalous, to say the least. The medical student were protestesting against 27 per cent raise in reservation for OBC in the higher education institutions. The medical students wanted to meet Governor at the Raj Bhavan and submit their list of demands which included roll-back of reservations. And they got lathis from the police posted at the Raj Bhavan. The way the police were beating the students made me hang my head in shame. Is this happening in our country? For godsake, the protestesting students were medical students, the future of India, not petty criminals. The Police Officer who ordered this lathicharge must be suspended so also all the policeman who did this ghastly act.

The Government wants to make Mumbai City as progressive and developed as Shanghai City. Well the Mumbai Police have certainly made Malabir Hill area the Tiananmen Square of India.

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Kusum Rohra said...

I was aghast when i saw this on the telly, what pissed me more was the fact that the police officers balantly denied commiting the henious act.

Raju Bathija said...

Yes, that is ridiculous. Even today's news also says that there was mild lathi charge.

pushyamitra said...

what about the behaviour of doctors?

Anonymous said...

If you behave like a goonda you will be treated like one.

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