Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Invisible Cloak

Amit Varma asks: what would you do if you actually had a foolproof invisible cloak?

Well, there are many things one could do under the cloak of invisibility. Two such things immediately come to my mind:

  • Since I travel by local trains every day for about two and half hours to commute from home to place of work, I will wear the cloak of invisibility as soon as I reach CST station and will travel with either mototorman or guard of the train. Trains nowdays are so crowded that only place to travel in comfort seems to be tiny compartments allotted to the motororman and the guard of the train.

  • Since the prices of movie tickets in cinemas and multiplexes are so high in Mumbai, and most of the movie are not worth the price of ticket, I will wear the clock of invisibility and watch the movies phokut main.


Marge said...

Oh, I'd definitely follow my husband wherever he goes. :) For sure, he wouldn't lie to me. Or is my idea bad? Hmm...

Raju Bathija said...

Marge: Thanks for the comment. Not a bad idea at all. But you may found that boring after sometime :).