Monday, May 29, 2006

Fanaa is Fun Nah

Last Saturday I saw Fanaa, with my family. Too much hype was generated around this movie before its release. Aamir Khan and Kajol were all over the media, in T.V. channels and in newspapers.

Even before the movie had been released, it was unofficially banned in Gujarat and for this the film makers and Aamir Khan should be really thankful to the BJP and its youth wing. Film had got lot of publicity because of this. Who does not want free publicity. I think the people of Gujarat are lucky. They were spared the trouble to watch trash of a movie.

I just hated the movie. It is very boring movie. The first half was okay, but the second half just dragged on and on. I was glad when it finally got over. The movies are supposed to entertain us, and not to bore us. The biggest problem of Fanaa is its length. The movie has just two lead characters and the whole story revolves around them and its length is about three hours!

Most of the Yashraj Movies are longish. But they at least tell a story and had good songs. Fanaa does not have either of them. At no point of time, did I cared what happens to the lead players and as a viewer was not involved with the movie. Two of the great things. that relate viewers with the happening on the screen, emotions and comedy, were just conspicous by their total absence. What the viewers got were some cheap shayarees and bland dialogues. One shayaree `Tere Saasoons Pe Is Dil Ko Agar Panaah Mil Jayee To Yeh Jaan Tum Pe Fanna Ho Jayee' was just repeated again and again. I could not understand why. Was it just because the movie was titled as Fanaa. Another dialogue `Rehan Aap Se Jitna Piyar Karta Hai, Aap Rehan Se Itna Piyar Nahi Karte' was also repeated again and again and it was irritating just to hear this. I hope that my daughter had not pick up this dialogue and repeats it to me. What was the dialogue writer, who also happened to the Director of the movie, Kunal Kohli, thinking.

A review of the movie, as it appear in a paper is here.

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Here are few points which irked me:
  • Kajol played a blind girl in the movie whose mother's only wish seems to be that a sahzaada (prince) will come in her life and take her away. To think like that seems to be quite regressive in today's times.

  • Aamir Khan who plays tour guide, the way he flirts with Kajol and other girls was downright disgusting.

  • Kajol plays blind but is shown to be lead dancer at a cultural function on January 26. Actually, the blind girl was just a cinematic concept. If the Director had done away with this, and shown Kajol to be a normal girl who falls with tour-guide turned terrorist, the conflict between them would have been interesting.

  • It rains in January in Delhi and Aamir seduces Kajol. When will the film makers stop using rain as a excuse for seducing, is it not over-used concept in the movies? And yes, she conceives immediately after, as is shown in countless Hindi movies.

  • After interval, by which time Kajol has regained her eyesight and Aamir Khan is shown to be dead and then alive, the movie is plainly boring, and it does not seems to move forward.
  • The viewers are now informed that Aamir is actually a terrorist fighting for Azad Kashmir and somehow he get recruited in the army and is posession of nuclear trigger. Are the verification of armymen so lax that anyone can goes in and out of it.

  • When Kajol informs Tabu, who plays army intellegence officer, that her husband is a terrorist and she has the nuclear trigger, Kajol is told thank you, we know where you are and we will come in the morning to take the delivery. I found it very funny. Maybe the snow looks nice in the morning when the Director wanted to shoot the climax of the film.


Bombay Addict said...

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Raju Bathija said...

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Nirav said...

Hey... I think the biggest problem with Fanaa was not the length, but the script itself... Its quite shocking to see a big banner movie have such a loose and lame script with innumerable errors... I went with low expectations, but even then Fanaa managed to disappoint me further

Raju Bathija said...

@nirav: Thanks for your comments.

seherkhan said...

Hello Mr. Raju

I happen to disagree with you on alot of the aspects of fanaa which you have attempted to criticize.....I don't think that you were understanding the concept very well....Most of the lines which were repeated again and again were a foreshadow of something which occured later on in the movie. First it is very important to understadn the term fanaa and then you will find that you understand the point of teh repetitive dialogue...teri saanson mein fanaa ho jaye......i would also liek to point out that the dialogue in which rehan says that rehan loves zooni more than rehan....he is trying to foreshadow the end....Ask yourself in the end who commits the murder...Kajol or Aamir? it's not rehan becasue rehan loves her too much to kill her....However she does kill him therefore this indicates that Rehan did actually love Zooni more than Zooni loved her....and also the other shayari lines...such as the "toofan" ones foreshadow aamir's terrorist counterpart..and also the one he says: "mein aaj aya hoon lekin kal nahin aaoonga"......he is simply tokin about the possibilities that he may die anytime....his ruthless belief in "need" or "zaroorath" also embodies the irony at the end of the movie which presents him "loving" her more than she "loves" him....These are the main ideas and themes of the...and im sure that if you read into will also feel that your first impression was thing you have to know about shayari is that they always have deeper movies and when used in movies they tend to foreshadow sumthin!!! Maybe you should watch the movie again and then you will hopefully i hope you are still not oblivious to the reasons as to why the shayari was used in a repetitive manner!!!! au revoir!!! cya take care!!!!

Neet said...

Hi, I actually agree with seherkhan. Fanaa has many aspects which can be easily criticised from the surface, however upon deeper analysis of the events you will be able to see the core meaning and concept that the director is trying to bring in to light for the viewers.

Raju you say that the way Aamir Khan flirted with the girls was disgusting. Well i think you missed the main point here. See there are characters like Aamir Khan around and the point being highlighted here is that a player like him actually falls in love (even when he was on a terrorist mission).

Also Kajol is blind but she plays a lead dancer in the function, but if you watch the song closely, you will see that she does make a mistake and at one point is about to fall. (Her friends help her).

The scene with Rain is symbolic. The rain reinforces the feelings that Rehan and Zooni have for each other. They believe they'll never see each other again and Zooni wants to give herself to Rehan she isn’t seduced (as some comment). Remember she sings the words 'chuu lo na, chuu lo na'. And as they have slept with each other it makes sense for her to concieve, otherwise there wouldn't be much of a second half of the story. The child is supposed to be the symbol of Zooni's and Rehan's love. He also has longish hair as does Aamir Khan in the first half of the film.

At the end when Tabu informs Kajol she will come in the morning to collect the trigger, this sounds weird, but consider that Kajol drives to the cottage, however Aamir Kahn runs there. So if they would have made it that Tabu comes straight away then when Aamir would have got there viewer’s would be like, 'how the hell did he get there so quick on foot? (viewer’s are so hard to please).

The shayari used in the film is the vital medium that Rehan uses to woo Zooni, and this works as she has never had someone complement her in the way Rehan does. Also the considerable use of shayari makes the meetings between Rehan and Zooni cute, as shayari like his will win any girl over. And come on its cute Aamir Khan.

The words 'Tere dil mein meri sasoon ko pana mil jaye, tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaye', reinforces the title of the film as well as the content because in a way it tells the viewer whats going to happen. A the end that is what happens to Rehan, if he never fell in love with her then he might have survived but as a result of falling in love with Zooni, he is finally destroyed in her love hence 'Fanaa'.