Friday, May 26, 2006


The Telegraph, Kolkata, reports:
One day before The Da Vinci Code is to hit Indian cinemas, the Punjab government today banned its “release” or “exhibition” in the state “to maintain communal harmony, peace and tranquillity”.
The population of christians in Punjab is about 18 lakhs and elections for the State Assembly are due to be held in February 2007. The film distributors in the state anyway had no plans to release this film. Maybe the Chief Minister of Punjab, who happnes to be of the Congress Party, wanted to please the most prominent christian in India, Sonia Gandhi. But she is, if reports in the media are to be believe, a non-practising christian and has read the book and has enjoyed it. Well, the politicians in India are really funny. This movie has also been banned from screening in the Indian states of Goa and Naglanad, both of which are predominantly populated by the christians.

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