Friday, April 07, 2006


Last week one of my friend happend to eat out at night at a place called The Olympia in Colaba. He happend to mentioned it me and priased the food (mostly non-veg) to the sky. I had also eaten at Olympia long time ago and had liked it. I suggest that we could go out during lunch time and eat there. We ageed on this Friday (today) for this. Imagine our disappointment, when on reaching there we found The Olympia was shut. Upon enquring from the neighbouring shops, we came to know that it is shut every Friday, it being a muslim establishment. Life is made of such disappointments. So, instead of eating at The Olympia, we have to settle for Laxmi Villas Hindu Hotel, which happend to be nearby. What a letdown. Needless to say, the food there was atrocious. Lesson learned: do not eat out, eat only wife-cooked food, if you do go out, search google for review of the restaurant, find the telephone number, call and confirm that it is open, and then go. Or be brave to face the life's little disappointments.

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