Monday, April 03, 2006

Vidhi Jain

Vidhi Jain is the name of 7 year old girl, who along with her mother Sangeeta Jain, came to the Nahar Singh Stadium in Faridabad last week to watch the 2nd ODI between India and Englad. Vidhi and her mother never got to see the match, even though they had the valid tickets, but instead got injured, as also her mother, in a stampede which followed a lathi charge by the local police at the stadium. The stampede began when hundreds of people without tickets or passes tried to force their way into the stadium and police started a lathicharge to control the crowd. The collar bone of Vidhi was fractured and she also received facial and internal injuries. She is now out of danger. What is shameful is that no Indian cricketer or a BCCI official bothered to visit Vidhi and Sangeeta Jain at the hospital. Though Indian won the match, the police lathi charge at the stadium was much bigger news than that. It is indeed sad that cricketers and BCCI, who earns millions of rupees, are not bothered about the fans.

On a personal front, I am getting bored of watching cricket mathces and following crickets scores. It seems prtactially there is an international Test or ODI match almost everyday. Cricket now seems more of an entertainment rather than a sport. I will now detach myself from circket in general and in particular from Indian cricket. There are other interesting things in world.

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