Monday, April 10, 2006

Life ke dun -- Ek torture

Last Friday, I listened to Sonu Nigam in his new avtaar as RJ, on Radio City. The first half of the programme was quite good. Sonu was quite frank in his comments. It was poignant to hear Sonu talk about how he narrowly missed singing `Ek Ladki Ko Dekha', which was eventually sung by Kumar Sanu. Sonu's imitation of great RD and Kumar Sonu was very very good. I was really enjoying the programme, then quite suddenly Sonu announced that his first guest on the show will be Anu Malik. What, what, why, why, oh no. These were the first words which immediately came to my mind. I almost teared my hairs. Oh god why him, I mean Anu Malik. The show was Sonu's, why had Anu come, unannounced. It seems, everyweek Sonu will be inviting a guest on his show, and Anu is was the first. Anyway, I kept listening, in the hope that Anu will vanish after few minutes and leave us listerns in peace. But no, he went blah blah and sung most of his song for the next full hour! What a torture. And Anu will be back on this show, next week, as he is not yet finished! God. Why a good show is always ruined like this. Well, good luck to Sonu.

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