Thursday, April 06, 2006

Let me finish

A few days ago I read a review of a book `Let me finish'. No, it is not about some unfinished things or unfinished business, but is rather about suicides. People die everyday, some due to old age, some due to other reasons, and some take into their head to end their life. Some people have the courtesy to leave behind a note explaining why they did it, so that it spares their near and dear ones the trouble of scratching their head to search for the reason and ask why. The author of this book, Udo Grashoff, has collected 50 such notes, I mean suicide notes, and made a book out of it. The author also write about the events leading to each suicide and after events, police accounts etc. The smallest suicide note is of 3 lines and the longest is 7 pages long. One doctor, before ending his life, had written in his note giving details of drugs he has taken to end his life and requested to avoid indiginity to perform post mortem on his body! After a lover's tiff, a man sent an SMS to his girlfriend, before ending his life. A blogger left a note on his blog The Last Post, as he was dispirited for not getting any comments on his blog, and decided to end it all. (Sorry, made up the blogger part.) Link .

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