Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Namrata's Courage

I have two children, Sachin (14) and Namrata (9). This is a small story about courage of Namrata, who is standard IV.

This had happened a few months ago, but whenever I think about it, I feel proud of Noona (that is nickname of Namrata). My children have to go through exams 4 times in a year, one just few months after the school starts, then again at the mid-term of the year, and again few months after mid-term and finally the final exam just before end of the academic year. This happened during exam which take place few months after mid-term. Now my wife becomes hypersensitive during the exam time. She takes utmost care during the time of exam, it is really like atmospher of a curfew at home. No talking, no music no T.V. for the childrens, and also for me. It is just study, and study for the children. Now on that particular day it was a Sunday and children were studying as usual. I casually ask my wife in what subject is the exam of Noona on the following day, she said it is in english, and I better not distrub them again with such silly questions.

Well, next day, children came back from school in the afternoon and were asked the usual questions, which all parents naturally ask of their children: `how was exam, was the paper easy', etc. etc. And this is what happened: Sachin was smiling, more than he usually does, while Noona was looking upset. My wife and I were surprised and asked Noona what is the matter, but she refused to say anything. We asked Sachin what is bugging Noona. Sachin, first laughed and told us that it was not english paper for Noona, but science paper! `What' and an open mouth was the immediate reaction of my wife. The expression on her face was priceless. After some time I began to get worried for my wife and was trying to recall the telephone number of our family doctor, just in case. After few minutes, my wife regained control of herself, and almost started almost crying. She keep track of what exam is next day for Noona and accordingly they study. Now it was turn of Noona to speak, she said all my friends at school were laughing when I told them that I had prepared this time really well for english, and told her that is science paper today, english is tomorrow. Noona told us `Mummy, maine himmat ke and told my friends it is okay, I have learned all my lessons for science, and have written all my answers for science paper correctly, except for two' But my wife was not convinced she said how could you have, you had not studied for it, and you will get few marks now, all due to her fault. But Noona said she is confident that she will get over 35 marks out of 40. But my wife was not hearing any of this. I took this opportunity to lagao a bet with my wife that Noona will take more than 35 marks, and if she does, my wife will have to take us all to dinner after the results are announced. My wife said ok, as she was sure Noona will get only 20 to 25 marks.

Well, the results were declared after few weeks, and Noona got 36 marks, and my wife had to take us all out for a dinner. Courage does come in all shapes and sizes.


Artpuppy872 said...

Great story!

nobody girl said...

I love this story. I bet she was *really* prepared for the english one, too.

-Sarah (marching in with the FFMB)

Raju Bathija said...

@artpuppy94: Thanks.

@nobody girl: Thanks for your comments. Yes, Namrata was really prepared for enlgish also, for her exam. She is brilliant in her studies, but just lazy.

Anonymous said...

Like daughter!